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Course - Navigator Level 3 (Advanced  Skills)

How Long: - 2 days (0930 to 1600 daily).

Location: - Various locations on Dartmoor.

Who for: - An advanced course designed for people who have gained a good amount of experience of land navigation and would like to develop navigational skills to a higher level.  Those attending would have ideally completed our Navigator Level 2 and Poor Visibility and Night Navigation courses or have reached an equivalent standard.

                   This Course provides the ideal preparation for people who are putting the finishing

                    touches ready for their Hill and Moorland Leader / Mountain Leader training or

                   assessment courses.

What will be covered: -

The practical application of all navigational skills and strategies acquired on Level 1 &

  Level 2 courses.

Navigation using contour features and landforms.

The practical application of timing and pacing to aid navigational techniques

The ability to navigate from point to point without the use of a compass

The use of different scale maps and contour only maps

Understanding physical and navigational demands posed by moorland terrain

The utilisation of map to ground and ground to map navigation

An introduction to common weather systems and emergency procedures.

Method: - A totally outdoor package of navigational activities and practical exercises.

Terrain: - 12 – 15 kilometres over rough open moorland each day.

Equipment: - All navigational equipment is provided. Participants will need to bring suitable clothing and footwear for outdoor activities, gaiters are recommended.  (see our recommended clothing list).

Catering: - You will need to bring your own refreshments.

Price: - £75.00 per person.  

Compassworks - Navigator Level 3

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